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First off, I want to say a huge thank you to @aye_cnc for helping me through some of the issues I was encountering on the Fusion360 CAM workflow. If you haven't already I, highly suggest checking out his page where he is posting a lot of exciting content on the Pocket NC! 

My previous post on the PNC project was about having issues with the finishing toolpath on the part where I couldn't get the right orientation and selection to get the interior pockets cut. Alex contacted me shortly after and offered to give me a hand, which I gratefully accepted! 

He recorded himself working through and creating sketch planes for each of the pockets and face orientations to select when setting up the toolpaths. I uploaded the video he sent in my previous post, which I am sure you will find valuable! I didn't even know some of the tools he used existed in Fusion360 and will be using them! One of those is the 3D sketch option, where you can turn a 2D sketch into a three dimensional one, very useful for creating sketch guidelines and templates! 

With the sketch outlines, I was able to create the finishing toolpaths very quickly and easily, without having the pain of trying to select geometry on different planes.

I honestly haven't used the constraints very much in the sketching area of Fusion360. After seeing Alex's video, I will be familiarizing myself with each one, for the speed and accuracy it brings!